Stone products of best quality


Spherical fountains - a huge sphere rotating around its axis creates an incredible image and bears the feeling of fascination with such huge, heavy object that rotates with unbelievable lightness. The mesmerizing view of a sphere rotating under the gentle water pressure symbolizes the genius. Spherical fountains embellish mostly schools, firms, official buildings or shopping malls.

Baroque fountains - Our offer includes also fountains inspired by the distant past of the baroque architecture of Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Poland...

The fountains are manufactured of high-class sorts of sandstone, granite and other stones. All carvings are handmade by experienced carvers. We suggest placing at the fountains the coat of arms of your family. Fountains that adorn gardens designed in baroque style are symbols of an exceptional class and inimitable elegance.

21st century fountains are combination of the latest technology, electronics, programming, hydraulics and human mind that contains in its perfection indefinite number of ideas and solutions. Imagination of our customers inspires us and shows us the way, thanks to that we are be able to perform more than you can imagine.

Fountains designed in 21st century system are able to spurt water from their nozzles to the rhythm of music; when the water is falling down, the lights illuminate the cloud of water. We use for this purpose dynamic nozzles that are backlit with halogen lights.